NBA insider reveals Damian Lillard’s shocking non-negotiable trade terms regarding Heat after 11 years with Blazers

NBA star Damian Lillard has shared a long-standing relationship with the Portland Trail Blazers for over a decade. He embarked on his professional career when he was drafted by the Portland Trail Blazers in 2012 as the sixth overall pick. However, this longstanding association took an unexpected turn in July when news of a trade deal involving Lillard broke. 

Likewise, there have been rumors of Lillard potentially joining the Miami Heat in a surprising and non-negotiable trade. This news has left fans concerned and curious about the reasons behind Lillard’s desire to sever an 11-year connection with the Blazers, especially as the new NBA season gets underway.

Stalemate continues as Lillard holds firm on Miami preference

Damian Lillard’s trade rumor with the Miami Heat emerged following one of Lillard’s best seasons in the NBA. During this outstanding season, he averaged 32.2 points, 4.8 rebounds, and 7.3 assists in 58 games. The ongoing Lillard trade rumor has now progressed to a new stage, as reported by an NBA insider

Shams Charania who appeared today on the Rally said, “I expect Portland and Miami to re-engage before the start of training camps coming up here in the next two and a half weeks. So, if a team like Toronto, for instance, were to trade for Damian Lillard, I don’t believe Lillard would even report.”

Lillard’s commitment to only report to either Portland or Miami has strengthened the Heat’s position in the trade talks. This is primarily because Portland’s negotiation options are limited if Lillard refuses to play for other teams.

As a result, Miami could potentially be the only team capable of acquiring him. However, in exchange for Lillard, the Heat might need to part ways with some of their valuable players, such as guard Tyler Herro, and either Nikola Jokic or Jaime Jaquez Jr. 

When did Damian Lillard request to be traded from Blazers?

According to Turner Sports’ Chris Haynes, Damian Lillard made a trade request from the Blazers on Saturday, July 1, 2023, after spending 11 seasons with the team. Lillard has consistently expressed his desire to compete for an NBA championship, but it appears that the Blazers may not be in a position to make that happen this season. This could be the primary reason behind his strong eagerness for a trade

Chris Haynes tweeted a statement from saying, “We have been clear that we want Dame here but he notified us today he wants out and he’d prefer to play someplace else.” 

This request followed a series of talks and discussions between Lillard and the Blazers’ management regarding the team’s future and his aspirations to secure an NBA championship. What are your thoughts on this rumor? Feel free to share your comments with us in the comment section.


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