Despite breaking his consecutive wins record, Sebastian Vettel hails Max Verstappen’s remarkable feat

Max Verstappen recently broke a very magnificent record held by his Red Bull Senior, when he won the 2023 Italian GP. The Red Bull ace now holds the record for 10 consecutive wins in a single season in F1. This record was once held by Sebastian Vettel, former Red Bull driver, who also secured his record of 9 consecutive F1 wins in a single season during his 2013 championship winning stint with Red Bull. 

Emotions are running high as people debate his new record, while a famous personality even said, “These records do not matter”.

Vettel lauds Max Verstappen’s achievement in surpassing his record

Everyone’s eyes were on the Mr. Fantastic, do good driver of Formula 1, Sebastian Vettel. People were anticipating his response to this new record eagerly wondering how the 4 time world champion would react to Max Verstappen considering the fact that he had been holding this medal for quite a long time from his Golden Era in F1. But, as the gentleman he is, Sebastian did not shy away from appreciating Max Verstappen.

Max Verstappen

“You can only applaud. The performance of the whole team, but especially that of Max, who is consistent every weekend, is amazing. It’s a level where the competition is way off. You have to acknowledge that and you have to leave it that way. That’s why it’s great that you can experience this,” Like a true champion and legend of the sport, his words did not even have a hint of ego. 

Max Verstappen looking for 11th straight victory in Singapore GP

As the weekend approaches, a special night race comes with a lot of drama and action alongside it. The way Max Verstappen has been performing has become a hot topic of debate among fans and F1 pundits alike. The Red Bull driver has manage to shut down criticisms every race through his superior racing techniques and how he handles the race and qualifying sessions.

These factors make him the contender for victory in Singapore GP and it may even be an easy win for him. However, he has been warned about the conditions and advised to keep his calm because it is relatively easy to commit mistakes in Singapore. The consequent wins Max has managed to accumulate this season has brought him closer to his championship weekend and it is just a matter of a few more races to officially get him the crown. 

max verstappen

Not a long while ago Max Verstappen was often criticized to be a “human error champion”, it seems that Max took it personally and absolutely went to smash all records and every kind of negative opinion this year through his sheer performance.

What do you think about Singapore GP? A special race for Sebastian Vettel himself, will Max Verstappen be able to produce shocking results again with his classy driving?


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