Blazers GM drops truthbomb on Damian Lillard future amid trade speculation: “Committed to building a winner around Dame”

In the midst of persistent trade speculation surrounding Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard, the team’s general manager has dropped a bombshell about Dame’s future. The GM said unequivocally their unrelenting commitment to constructing a successful squad around Dame. As rumors about Damian’s plans continue to surface, this announcement gives light on the organization’s philosophy and willingness to support their franchise star.

It not only reassures fans, but it also piques their interest in the Blazers’ future trajectory. The GM’s statements leave little doubt that the team’s main priority is to ensure Lillard’s success and build a championship-caliber group around him.

Blazers GM’s drops candid statement on Lillard

Joe Cronin, the GM of the Trail Blazers, recently made an honest comment during a meeting with star player Damian Dame, giving insight into their discussion about the team’s future. Cronin’s statement, according to The Oregonian’s Bill Oram, stated, “I met with Dame and Aaron Goodwin this afternoon. We had a great dialogue. We remain committed to building a winner around Dame.”

This announcement comes amid continuous speculation about Damian’s possible departure from the Blazers. Despite trade rumors, Big Game Dame has often stated his desire to remain in Portland and help the team compete for a title. Dame is currently in the third year of a bankable four-year contract deal worth $176 million.

Cronin’s forthright comment demonstrates the Blazers’ unshakeable devotion to Big Game Dame and their determination to build a competitive roster around him. As the offseason develops and trade options are considered, the general manager’s candid statements emphasize the need of working together to maximize Dame’s talents and lead the Blazers to success.

Where is Damian Lillard most likely to go?

The Dame D.O.L.L.A. still has a strong desire to play for the Blazers, but because of his relationships with Mikal Bridges and Bam Adebayo, the 33-year-old has shown an interest in Miami and Brooklyn, two teams that might be open to dealing for him. Lillard emphasized his desire to establish a successful team in Portland, but he acknowledged the necessity for a separate discussion regarding his future if that proved challenging.

The Blazers’ recent decisions, like selecting point guard Scoot Henderson in the first round and declining trade offers for seasoned players like Paul George, indicate that they are more interested in developing young talent than immediately challenging for a championship. D.O.L.L.A., who is 33 years old and has four more years left on his deal, is still in his prime and coming off a stellar year in which he had career-high marks of 32.2 points per game and 64.5% true shooting.

D.O.L.L.A. is a desirable addition to any league squad due to his talent and adaptability. Although Brooklyn and Miami are in good situations to compete right now, other teams would probably be interested in signing Damian.

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