Bo Nickal Withdraws From UFC Debut at UFC 282 Due to Injury

The wrestling prodigy turned MMA prospect, Bo Nickal, will miss his debut at UFC 282 because of an injury. The highly anticipated debut is going to wait a little longer so the blazing-hot Ultimate Fighting Championship prospect can cool things down to heal up.

It is reported that, Nickal withdrew from the UFC 282 due to an unfortunate injury that he got recently. It is not confirmed how he sustained the injury and how serious it is. The initial diagnosis shows that the injury is not that severe. If he cooperates well with the physicians, we can expect a speedy recovery.

At this point, it is uncertain whether Pickett will be rebooked against a different opponent or if the current opponent will remain. The organization is considering having Nickal make a comeback on March 4, which is thought to be the date of UFC 285’s pay-per-view event.

Despite missing his chance to debut at UFC 282, the wrestling prodigy is considered to be the next big thing in MMA. In making his debut under Jorge Masvidal’s iKON FC banner, Bo earned a 33-second knockout over John Noland.

The performance was enough to get the attention of the UFC President. Despite that, Dana White wanted one more look at this MMA prospect. This time against cage-fury fighting champion Donovan Beard. In an incredible 52-seconds, Nickal dispatched Beard, earning a UFC contract in the process.

Although the young prospect is yet to show his talent in the MMA world, his past records have already made him one of the most anticipated fighters to enter the pentagon. Having said that, the three-time NCAA Division I national champion is expected to begin his career in a pay-per-view event at UFC 285 on March 4, 2023.


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