Bucks’ Giannis Antetokounmpo echoes Lakers legend Kobe Bryant in inspiring “failure” video

Milwaukee Bucks’ Giannis Antetokounmpo has reiterated his now-viral take on failure, citing Kobe Bryant’s similar statement. After the Bucks’ exit from the NBA Playoffs, the Greek Freak was asked if the season was a failure, given that the Bucks were the top seed in the East and the best in the league, but lost to the eighth-seeded Miami Heat. In response, Antetokounmpo shared why he doesn’t believe in failure in sports.

He said that there are always steps to success, and that there are good and bad days in sports, which means that one doesn’t always win. He emphasized that Michael Jordan won six championships in his 15-year career, which would mean that he had nine years of failure.

Antetokounmpo reiterated his stance by sharing an edited video of his previous remarks alongside Bryant’s. The Greek Freak believes that success is achieved through a series of steps, and he is sticking to his belief despite the criticism he has received. The NBA world has been divided over Antetokounmpo’s remarks about failure, but he remains unfazed by what others say.

Although the Bucks’ season ended in disappointment, Antetokounmpo and Bryant believe that it will only be a failure if they don’t take the step to move forward. The Greek Freak is focused on taking the next steps towards success and believes that there is no failure in sports, only good and bad days.

Giannis Antetokounmpo: On the Similarities with Kobe Bryant 

Giannis Antetokounmpo has opened up about his similarities with the late Kobe Bryant in an interview with Eric Nehm of The Athletic. The NBA star was respectful when mentioning the “Black Mamba” and acknowledged his impact on basketball. Antetokounmpo believes that they might share the same mindset at some level, but he was careful not to bring attention to Bryant’s name. He feels that Bryant should be mentioned and never forgotten, but he doesn’t like using his name to draw attention to the conversation.

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While Antetokounmpo’s mentality is similar to Bryant’s, he’s often compared to another LA Lakers legend, Shaquille O’Neal. The two-time MVP has been described as the modern-day Shaq due to his dominant presence in the paint and agility for his size. Despite the comparisons, Antetokounmpo remains focused on his own path to success and is determined to continue improving as a player.



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