Can Carson Wentz uplift the NFC East title for the Eagles?

After last night’s heroic win, Carson Wentz is in the limelight again. Eagle had a comeback win on Thursday night against Giants, and all the credits go to Wentz. The back-to-back touchdown from him led Philly to a 22-21 victory and grew a hope for NFC east title.

However, the Eagles are struggling to stay in the game, and their performance is confusing the fans too. However, it is because of their franchise quarterback Wentz, as he is inconsistent throughout this tournament. Still, the Eagles are holding first place with a 2-4-1 record. As it is halfway through the NFL 2020, there will be many more ups and downs.

On another note, Carson Wentz is the man who is uplifting the Eagles and killing them at the same time. Eagles may sometimes regret it because of paying the massive for Wentz. It has also been seen that he is doing great and worst at the same game. So relying on Wentz wouldn’t be a great choice for Philly. However, Philadelphia Eagle has been carrying Carson for the last five years.

In most of the games, Wentz tries so hard for the team that turns out negative for the Eagles. However, as a quarterback, Wentz has the fifth-worst passer rating in the NFL. Besides, his Bad Throw percentages also lower than any other players. On the other hand, he is good at the on-target passing percentage, and it had never been down.

These are just some numbers that list for the statistics. But, everyone will forget those numbers with some heroic performances, which Wentz did against the New York Giants.

However, Wentz had shown some great performance in the last few seasons but had the worst start in this season. It is shocking to see Wentz like that, who consistently threw seven interceptions in each game for the last three seasons. At the beginning of his career, Wentz was a daring passer, who ranked 11 in the first two seasons. But, still, the Eagles kept their hopes on Carson.

Philadelphia Eagles’ head coach Doug Pederson is still hopping for the NFC East title and believes in Wentz. When Pederson was asked about Wentz on a weekly press conference, he said he still thinks Carson can lighten up at the right time. He said, “I just want him just to be Carson.”

It is obvious that the Eagles are struggling, but they are not thinking of changing the quarterback yet. Besides, Wentz’s performance against Giants gives confidence to the Eagles.

Let’s see if Wentz can amaze in the week 8 games against the Cowboys.  


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