Cardiologist criticised of Novak Djokovic for risking US Open

Novak Djokovic, a 35-year-old tennis prodigy from Serbia, has won this year’s Wimbledon and increased his total of Grand Slam victories to 21, passing the famous Roger Federer in the history of tennis tournaments.

Despite winning Wimbledon, the Joker said he would not participate in the upcoming US Open due to his injury, but some physicians have already denounced this claim by Djokovic.

Why are doctors condemning Novak Djokovic ahead of the US Open?

The Masters 1000 tournament in Montreal, which will be held the following week, has received formal word that Novak Djokovic will not be attending.

Given that the Canadian government has shown no signs of transparency and that the Serbian phenomena has not received a coronavirus vaccination, it was forced to give up in the face of the evidence.

The US Open, which begins on Monday, August 29, in New York, is when the former world number one is hopeful that things will change. Novak has experienced joys and sorrows thus far in 2022, in part because he decided against receiving the double dosage.

Novak Djokovic

Famous cardiologist Jonathan Reiner did not hold back in criticizing Novak Djokovic for his views on vaccinations, particularly those against Covid, even if he still believes that Djokovic should be allowed to compete in the US Open.

Reiner then said to the press, “Even though I think he should be playing at the US Open, I think he was completely wrong at the worst time of the pandemic, when he should have been held up as an example and he didn’t. did not. What he did is very selfish, it’s what he did this winter, it’s pure selfishness.”

Due to his vaccination status, Novak may be forced to skip the US Open. Additionally, Australian tennis star John Millman recently arraigned Djokovic for not competing in the US Open.


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