Charles Oliveira’s translator Fabiano Buskei reacts to ONE Championship President Chatri Sityodtong giving 350,000 Thai Baht bonus to the translator: I’m no “Bruce Buffer”

Fabiano Buskei, who has been one of the most popular translators in combat sports history, has once again gained popularity for all the right reasons. He recently received one of the biggest bonuses in combat sports history and reacted to it very humbly.

Buskei has been the translator for Charles Oliveira for a long time and is often seen accompanying Charles Oliveira on the big stages. He has also become popular among the press. His recent news made a lot of people happy.

Buskei reacts to ONE Championship translator’s massive bonus

In an unexpected turn of events in the world of combat sports, Buskei, who previously served as Charles Oliveras’ translator, has expressed his astonishment at the substantial bonus received by a translator at a recent ONE Championship event. The bonus, a substantial sum, was awarded to the interpreter for his exceptional work during the fight, leaving Buskei and many others in the industry in awe of the recognition and financial appreciation.

Buskei, who worked with Oliveras, took to social media to share his thoughts on the matter. In his post, he commended the translator’s dedication and expertise, acknowledging the challenges of conveying fighter emotions and strategies accurately. Buskei’s reaction serves as a testament to the often behind-the-scenes professionals who play an integral role in the global reach and success of sporting events like ONE Championship.

This incident sheds light on the importance of recognizing the efforts of individuals who contribute to the sports industry’s global appeal. Translators, like the one celebrated by ONE Championship, play an essential role in bringing fighters and fans closer together, breaking down language barriers, and ensuring a deeper understanding of the sport’s nuances. This unprecedented bonus demonstrates the organization’s commitment to valuing all members of their team, setting a positive precedent for the sports industry at large.

Buskei’s relationship with Charles Oliveira

The relationship between Buskei and Charles Oliveira has emerged as an extraordinary example of trust, dedication, and mutual respect. As Charles Oliveira’s former translator, Buskei’s role extended far beyond language, forging a bond that goes beyond the octagon.

Buskei, a skilled linguist and translator, first joined forces with Charles Oliveira during his early days in the UFC. Over the years, he became an indispensable member of Oliveira’s corner, offering more than just language support. His deep understanding of Oliveira’s thoughts, emotions, and strategies allowed him to play a pivotal role in the fighter’s journey to the lightweight championship.

The remarkable alliance between Buskei and Charles Oliveira goes beyond professional collaboration, portraying a story of loyalty and friendship in the high-stakes world of MMA. The translator’s unwavering support and ability to bridge the gap between Oliveira and the English-speaking audience have undoubtedly contributed to the fighter’s rise to prominence.


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