Cody Stamann claims he’ll need ‘Private escort’ after UFC 283 due to ‘hostile situation’ at Brazil

Beaches, Heat, Samba, and Aggressive Fans, all the usual suspects are present to announce UFC’s return to South America. The Rio card will feature many Brazilian fighters New and Old, experienced or debuting. The fans also tend to get a little too “Passionate” from time to time and Cody Stamann is well aware of this fact.

Luan Lacerda is set to make his debut for the UFC and he is actually one of the few lucky individuals to do so on home turf. Stamann already has a couple of fights under his belt and is tasked with welcoming the fresh blood from Brazil. Naturally, Cody plans to defeat his opponent but also is aware of the potential hostility from the crowd.

He says, “You’re chanting you are going to die to me? I’m f*****g flipping these guys off and throwing their beer cans back at them. In a hostile situation, I’m going to be just as hostile as those people. I can see things getting escalated pretty quickly. I’ve been down there, I cornered my buddy Darren (Cruickshank) down there and they were chanting kill the playboy.”

He elaborated further, “People are ruthless, they were dumping beer on us, so my experience with the Brazilian fans was not a good one. I know it’s like going to war. People are throwing shit at you and they are nasty. I’m going to relish it, I’m going to really enjoy that part of it.”

It is never a good idea to get into a war with an entire crowd in their local arena but fighters have done it successfully (Remember the Colby Covington incident?)

Stamman has a plan if things go south, “I’m looking at getting a private escort out of Brazil because I’m going to be ruthless to those people because I know they are going to be ruthless to me. I think this Brazilian trip is going to be one to remember.”

Do you think Cody Stamann makes it back alive?


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