KSI’s Misfits Boxing in negotiations to make Francis Ngannou appearance on influencer boxing card vs Derek Chisora

Francis Ngannou will probably make his debut under the Misfits Boxing brand this year. Even though UFC offered a better deal to the former heavyweight fighter but the lacks of health insurance and sponsors made him choose KSI’s Misfits Boxing over UFC. Ngannou is set to fight against Derek Chisora on an influencer boxing card.

The former heavyweight champion is planning to move himself into the crossover fighting stage such as Misfits Boxing. He is making his boxing debut for the first time against Derek Chisora, who is the former WBC heavyweight champion. The fight card has been announced as “influencer boxing card.” Even though the combat date has yet to be set, the Predator must begin preparing for it right away.

However, in a recent interview, Kalle Sauerland, a longtime boxing promoter, shared his thoughts on the latest UFC star signing. He stated, “I’d love to sign him; I think he’d fit perfectly in with our crossover stuff with the Misfits. We can build him up there, bring over Derek Chisora, a big fight like that, you know? There are a lot of good fights for him. I think Mams Taylor is speaking to their people. I’m sure a lot of people are speaking to their people, but I think we can offer him something unique. I’m not involved, but my partner Mams is discussing it with his people, yes.”

The British boxer, popularly known as “Del Boy,” has an incredible 33-13 record in the ring. His most recent defeat was a KO against the great Tyson Fury. Regardless, battling a crossover fighter would be far easier than a professional fighter. So it will be intriguing to see what happens from both perspectives. As for the Predator, how will the cage-to-ring transition work out?



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