“Conor McGregor absolutely destroys Islam Makhachev” UFC fans thrash Islam Makhachev following his win vs Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 284

Islam Makhachev entered the octagon today to defend his lightweight title against Alexander Volkanovski, and even though he was successful in doing so, UFC fans believe that Conor McGregor would absolutely smash Islam Makhachev if they were to fight each other in the same event. 

The mixed martial arts fighter from Dagestan was ready to show off his great wrestling talent, while his opponent in the octagon from Australia was ready to show off his striking prowess. The fight that went on until the last moment and ended with a referee’s decision was packed with excitement, exhilaration, and a great display of mixed martial arts.

Islam has been threatening Volkanovski, saying that he will be the one who becomes the new pound-for-pound number one at the RAC Arena on Sunday. After today’s bout, in which he came out victorious by unanimous decision, the Dagestani boxer demonstrated his point.

On the other hand, a significant number of UFC supporters vented their outrage on Twitter by claiming that the result should have been decided in Alexander Volkanovski’s favor. The Australian also put up an amazing fight, which leads his supporters to believe he was the one who really deserved to win.

Some fans are already one step ahead, asserting that there is absolutely no chance that Islam could have won the fight against The Notorious putting up the same performance as today. Even though Islam is a terrific grappler, the Irishman would have no trouble destroying the Russian fighter.

Today, the reigning featherweight champion made his debut in the lightweight division in an attempt to become a double champion. Unfortunately for him, the endeavor was unsuccessful, and Islam is now the pound-for-pound number one fighter in the world.

If Conor faced today’s Makhachev, do you think he would really have a chance?


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