“Just play it smart, don’t be reckless, make sure your guard is tight” Parker Porter game plan fails vs Justin Tafa following TKO loss in 1 minute

Parker Porter entered the octagon for the first time in almost a year with the intention of defeating Justin Tafa, but his game plan was a complete failure, and he ended up losing the fight.

The main event of UFC 284, Makhachev vs. Volkanovski, took place at the RAC Arena in Perth, Australia. Parker Porter and Justin Tafa’s heavyweight bout took place earlier in the morning on the main card of the event.

Porter had earlier voiced his excitement about the fight saying he wants to travel more, wants to see more of the world, and experience everything he can while he is young enough and able-bodied. 

During an interview with Just Scrap Radio, on BJPENN.com, the American fighter discussed his thoughts in advance of the event. According to the 37-year-old fighter, the time change is a pain to deal with but those are things that come along with the fight game as no one is not always going to get everything gift-wrapped with a bow on it.

” We were super excited about the fight. I think it is a great freaking matchup. We are both the kind of guys who want to bite down on our mouthpiece, dig our heels in and start throwing leather.” Parker further added.

The UFC welcomed the American fighter for the first time in the year 2020, and since then he has competed in a total of six fights, including the one he had today against Tafa. The heavyweight’s career in the UFC is now at a 3-3 record, and his overall record sits at 13-8-0.

Porter did not get what he wanted, and things turned out fully in Tafa’s favor as the bout was over in just a minute thanks to a knockout of Porter that gave the Australian back-to-back victory.

Parker did not underrate his rival; rather, he was fully aware that in order to overcome Tafa, he needed to be more strategic and less reckless.

“He is definitely one of those guys who is dangerous from the start to the end, no matter how much volume or lack of volume or how much you hit him, he has the potential to hit you with that one punch-off button. Just play it smart, don’t be reckless, make sure your guard is tight and not being stupid,” Parker said prior to the bout.


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