Conor McGregor claps back at Justin Gaethje’s criticism over potential UFC title shot calling him a “braindead fool”

Conor McGregor is targeting Justin Gaethje in response to comments the ‘Human Highlight’ made about a potential title shot. Justin would likely not be pleased if McGregor bypasses him in the lightweight title run.

Gaethje has been a popular fighter since joining the UFC in 2017 and has been in the mix for a title shot for some time. He previously earned an interim title and a subsequent title shot with an impressive four-fight win streak.

Conor McGregor

But Justin was unsuccessful in his first attempt to win the championship. Despite losing three out of his last four fights. McGregor could now be closer to a title shot than Gaethje, which may be a source of frustration for the latter.

After being away from the sport for two years, McGregor is set to make a comeback later this year by facing Michael Chandler. The bout, which will take place at 170 pounds, could potentially earn Conor a shot at the welterweight title if he emerges victorious.

However, this development has not gone down well with Justin.

“Would I quit if Conor won and they gave him a title shot? Probably,” he told ESPN. “That’s how hurt I would be by the actions of the company I represent. But that’s out of my control. I just really hope that doesn’t happen.”


Conor McGregor has targeted Justin Gaethje in response to his comments.

McGregor didn’t take kindly to Gaethje’s comeback and responded with his own jab on social media. “This braindead fool got a title shot off of one single win and it was vs chandler,” he wrote. “Yet he will quit and retire if I get the same thing. Classic Gaethje bird brain. #Jackass Two Title attempt. No wins. #geathje.”

During a recent interview, Justin expressed his belief that he would never get the chance to fight McGregor. Gaethje speculated that Conor is selective about his opponents and purposely avoided him.

However, this was prior to their recent interaction, which may spark a new rivalry. Justin is aware that a fight with McGregor would result in a significant payout, and if the opportunity arises, he would relish the chance to silence him.

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