Conor McGregor gives sneak peek of horrific injury after his bike got hit by car

Conor McGregor’s long-awaited comeback to the octagon has been further postponed as a result of an accident that occurred yesterday while he was heading home driving his bicycle.

McGregor had been away from the octagon for almost two years, but he was finally ready to make his comeback as he had fully recovered from the life-threatening injury he sustained on his leg. The 34-year-old fighter had his leg injury in his last fight against Dustin Poirier.

The accident that Conor had while riding his bicycle delayed his return for the time being. Soon after he had fully recovered from his leg injury, he is now involved in a bike accident and is now going through another brief rehabilitation from that.

The Notorious rushed to Twitter immediately after the accident to update his followers on his condition. The Irish fighter posted a picture to his social media account showing the scar on his back that he received as a result of the accident and wrote in the caption, “I could have been dead there.”

Multiple sources claim that Notorious went for his regular Friday morning bike ride. Suddenly, a car hit him from behind without meaning to, and Conor fell onto the road, receiving a scar on his back.

However. Conor didn’t hold the driver of the car responsible for his injuries because the guy apologized and even drove Conor back to his house after he was hurt.

In 2013, The Notorious made his way into the UFC. He had a ten-year run with this promotion, in which he had 14 fights, 10 of which he won. Conor’s accomplishment of winning titles in the featherweight and lightweight divisions has earned him worldwide recognition.

When do you anticipate Conor McGregor’s comeback to the octagon? To continue, who do you think would be the best fight for The Notorious?


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