Conor McGregor luxury car collection: Exploring UFC star’s $2.5 million car collection

Conor McGregor was born and brought up in Ireland. He initiated his fighting journey from an early age and his never-ending passion brought him to the United States in search of the ultimate platform where he can showcase his potential.

This professional mixed martial artist has won UFC featherweight and lightweight double-championship. His ravishing career enabled him to earn a huge amount of fortune as one of the highest-paying athletes in the world. As of 2023, Conor McGregor’s net worth has reached around the $500 million mark from $180 million in 2021— an enormous 320 million rise in two years!

So, it is time to explore how the fighter is spending his millions, especially on creating a small clique of luxurious cars in his garage.

Conor McGregor luxury car collection

The car lover UFC Champion has amassed a range of cars worth $2.5 million. Let’s have a look at some of the most exciting collections of the star-


 Rolls-Royce gave McGregor a customised Ghost

In 2016, Rolls-Royce welcomed the fighter to say yes to their new Ghost model in which they had emblazoned ‘Notorious’, Conor’s nickname in the outer area.

With its killer looks, this model occupies the place of the hottest piece in his collection which is worth £237,600.


 McGregor has four Rolls-Royces, including a £305k Phantom

This £305,000 worth of branded car was a gift from the fighter to himself as he did 13 seconds KO to Jose Aldo in UFC 194.


 The Cadillac Escalade is the celebrities choice of SUV in the States

This £75,000 car is a matter of pride for Conor as many of his favorite celebrities own it.


This enchanting model is the most adored one to the MMA which is worth £276,515. He loves to drive this car with his beautiful girlfriend Dee Devlin and the two are seen making their long-drive trips with this one.

  • BMW i8, £114,200

 McGregor is thinking about the planet by driving a eco-friendly BMW i8

Without a BMW, Conor’s garage would be incomplete. So, he bought the BMW i8 spending £114,200 out of his pocket.

Besides these, Notorious is also the proud owner of an MCLAREN 650S, MERCEDES-AMG S550 COUPE, and a RANGE ROVER.

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