Controversial UFC fighter Colby Covington earns rare applause from Octagon debutant: “He’s such a great guy”

Over the course of his UFC career, Colby Covington has established a reputation through a number of controversial acts. However, a young fighter who just had his first UFC win this week offered Colby some unexpected praises recently.

Themba Gorimbo has an 11-4-0 record in professional mixed martial arts. However, the South African fighter has only recently made his UFC debut after considerable adversity. Themba gave compliments to a UFC fighter when discussing various parts of his career in MMA career, and the fighter’s identity came as a surprise. Colby Covington 

What did Themba Gorimbo say about Colby Covington? 

“Colby Covington, he’s such a great guy. Sometimes, Colby Covington would [bring me food] at the gym. And people say what they want about him, but that guy is a great man. You have to know him to really know him, just like me.” said Themba. 

‘The Answer’ must have a very different perspective regarding one of the most controversial fighters of the UFC roster. However, it’s great to know that Chaos after all can be nice to fellow fighters as well. 

Gorimbo definitely needs such favorable experiences as a new fighter. The fighter came to America all the way from Johannesburg just a few months ago with very little amount of money to follow his dream. After getting some money from his friend Gorimbo managed to survive for a few more weeks. 

“It’s been a roller coaster. I didn’t have money, if you look at my bank account there’s $7 right now. In my bank account, there’s $7, and I have to enjoy this.” Gorimbo said. 

However, with his most recent victory against Takashi Sato, it can be said that the new fighter is right back on the track. Now he’s ultimate goal is to reach all the way to the top of division and fulfill his dreams to be a UFC champion. 

What is next for Chaos?

Covington hasn’t stepped into the octagon since defeating Jorge Masvidal by unanimous decision at UFC 272. To fill in as a backup fighter for Leon Edwards or Kamaru Usman in the welterweight headliner, the American fighter unexpectedly made a surprise comeback at UFC 286 in London.

The second-ranked welterweight fighter is hoping to get in shape as soon as possible because Dana White earlier announced that he will face Leon Edwards, the division’s champion, in his next fight.

Rocky after defeating The Nigerian Nightmare, is now scheduled to take on Colby, a former interim welterweight champion. This will be the Miami-based fighter’s second title shot. 

Let us know your thoughts on Themba Gorimbo’s surprising praise for Colby Covington despite his controversial reputation in the UFC!


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