Tyson Fury in discussions for epic Australian showdown with local heavyweight boxer

It’s been six months since Tyson Fury last competed. Fury’s much-anticipated match with Oleksandr also failed to materialize following much controversy. Nevertheless, based on the most recent information, Fury appears to be in talks to fight an Australian heavyweight.

Given that his bout negotiations with the Ukrainian heavyweight won’t begin until at least December of this year, the Gypsy King is seeking for possible opponents to fight in the summer. There are several potential matchup rumors surrounding Tyson right now, but one alternative that could materialize is an Australian heavyweight fighter named Demsey McKean.

Is Demsey McKean the next opponent of Tyson Fury?

The manager of Demsey, Angelo Di Carlo, has hinted that a Fury matchup would be possible. The Australian also stated that his camp is in communication with Fury’s camp and that there is a strong likelihood that the British side will move forward. 

“Chats began some time ago for Demsey to fight Tyson Fury in Australia and I think Demsey is the best option for the Gypsy King. We’re certainly keen to do the fight.” Carlo said. 

McKean is undoubtedly one of most brilliant boxer at the moment from Australia. The heavyweight fighter is still undefeated in his pro boxing career having won 22 bouts so far. ‘The Tower’ ended Patrick Korte’s undefeated run in his last bout in October 2022. Hence his manager has every reason to believe McKean’s fight against Fury will be an interesting duel to witness. 

“I’ll have more talks with Fury’s camp and see where that takes us. We’ve been given a possible date to fight Fury in August, so hopefully we can make it happen. Demsey has said let’s make this fight happen.” Carlo added.

If not The Tower, who’s next for The Gypsy King?

Even only a few days ago, Fury was adamant about never taking on Anthony Joshua. But most recently, the British heavyweight, who is having difficulties finding a suitable opponent, seemed to have changed his mind. 

In a recent press appearance in Tenerife, The Gypsy King expressed his desire to fight both Usyk and Joshua saying, ” I’d love to fight Oleksandr Usyk, I’d love to fight AJ, but I just don’t think they want to fight me.”

Over the course of his ten-year professional boxing career, AJ never faced Tyson Fury. As Fury’s fight with Usyk didn’t happen, the two-time former unified heavyweight champion has been hoping that Tyson will call him out. However, Anthony is now scheduled to face Deontay Wilder in December. 


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