“Couldn’t outrun nose tackles”: NFL legend Tom Brady cracks joke on his lack of speed at Le Mans 24-hour race

Throughout his NFL career, the recently retired Buccaneer’s legendary quarterback Tom Brady has piled so many accolades reached the pinnacle of success, and held himself on the rush of being a future Hall of Famer.

In spite of bagging seven Super Bowls, three MVP recognition, and fifteen Pro Bowls, the legendary quarterback had to face criticism due to his lack of speed. His speed was verified by the 2000 NFL Combine 40-yard dash time, with a 5.28 posting in the sprint. However, the quarterback recently pulled his own leg by sharing an Instagram post related to his speed.

Tom Brady hilarious jab at his lack of speed

Tom Terrific was unable to prove himself as terrific in terms of speed on the NFL field, so he went on Le Mans to outrun some drivers while rushing before them, defeating them, claiming himself as the victor, and collecting some laughs for himself. 

‘Look I was never known for my speed, couldn’t outrun nose tackles, so I came out to Le Mans to try another sport and see what it feels like to pass someone. I’m still hiding in the back of the garage, gonna try to slip into the car at the next stop. If you see this beauty upside down you know whose fault it was,” the retired NFL star posted on his Instagram with a photo of him.


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However, the 100th anniversary of the emblematic 24 Hours of Le Mans is going to be worthwhile for both the NFL and NBA fields as two GOATs from the fields Brady and LeBron James took participation in the race among multiple celebrities that were at the 24 Hours of Le Mans on Saturday.

Do they race for 24 hours in Le Mans?

Le Mans is a unique race that takes place in June as the pinnacle of resilience checks for both humans and machines. The “24 Hours of Le Mans” race is a 24-hour endurance car competition in which the competitors race incredibly fast cars for 24 straight hours at speeds.

Tom Brady's Brand To Sponsor Car for 24 Hours of Le Mans Race

After being recently seen in a park with his kids, TB12 decided to check out the Le Mans environment. He is also no stranger to this industry as his brand is the official attire partner of the Hertz Team JOTA, a competitor in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and other events in the World Endurance Championship series.

Slow and steady wins the race- Tom justified the proverb in spite of having a slow pace. To get notified of the latest updates of the NFL GOATs’ latest venture, stay tuned!


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