Conor McGregor sending Heat mascot to ER, not a one-off incident, investigating ‘Notorious’ past assaults

In a remarkable fashion befitting his flamboyant style, Conor McGregor, the celebrated combat sports icon, made an unforgettable appearance during the NBA Finals in Miami. As is quite common now for ‘The Notorious’, controversy followed.

The Miami Heat mascot, Burnie, was left in critical condition and in need of emergency medical care after what was first intended to be a halftime promotion for his cryotherapy pain treatment spray soon evolved into a disastrous tragedy.

This unexpected turn of events has prompted an investigation into McGregor’s previous assault incidents and highlights the need for anger and behavioral management in fighters.

Conor McGregor brutally knocks out Burnie in HT skit

Conor McGregor stepped center court at halftime to demonstrate his cryotherapy pain management spray in the ever-so-energizing Kaseya Center. The popular Miami Heat mascot, Burnie, joined him in the spotlight while sporting huge boxing gloves, heightening the frenzy.

As the crowd eagerly watched, the two engaged in a face-off, with Burnie displaying nimble footwork. However, staying true to his showmanship nature, McGregor unleashed a devastating left hook, catching the unsuspecting mascot off guard. The former two-division UFC champion delivered a second blow after being dissatisfied with the result to finish out the helpless Burnie.

In an odd display of persistent promotional zeal, McGregor doused the anthropomorphic flame representation with his cryotherapy pain treatment spray as he followed the team carrying the immobile mascot off the field.

McGregor’s Notorious past brawls outside the Octagon

Unfortunately, this whole incident is not the sole one or the first of its kind involving Conor McGregor. Recent events have unveiled a series of assault incidents involving the “Notorious” fighter. In one instance, McGregor pleaded guilty to a Dublin pub assault, resulting in a €1000 fine.

Moreover, a physical altercation with musician Machine Gun Kelly at the MTV Awards further tarnished McGregor’s reputation. Earlier in 2023 Conor also got accused by a woman of assaulting her off the coast.

As Burnie, the Miami Heat mascot, recovers from the unfortunate ordeal, it serves as a cautionary tale for future sports promotions. The boundaries between harmless entertainment and potential harm must be acknowledged, urging organizers to prioritize the well-being of athletes and mascots alike.

Conor McGregor

With each incident, McGregor seems to be losing any goodwill he still had left. The well-wishers of the Irish superstar should come forward to help the former two-division champ fix his behavioral issues.

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