‘‘What do you expect’’: UFC president Dana White’s savage take on Conor McGregor and his KO of Heat’s mascot, chimes in with the Deontay Wilder incident

In the whacky world of unconventional advertising, Conor McGregor and his recent escapade involving the Miami Heat mascot has raised eyebrows and sparked heated discussions. Dana White, the outspoken president of the UFC, was vehemently adamant in his condemnation of the incident and his emphasis on the perils that come with professional fighters interacting with mascots.

As the aftermath of McGregor’s punch unfolds, we delve into White’s scathing commentary and explore the consequences of this ill-conceived promotional stunt.

What happened between McGregor and Heat’s mascot?

During the NBA finals, McGregor made a cameo appearance to promote his painkiller spray, TIDL Sport. What followed was a disastrous skit that saw the Miami Heat mascot, Burnie, donning oversized boxing gloves and a robe to face the Irishman.

McGregor, known for his fervor and commitment, threw a thunderous left punch that sent the mascot tumbling. As if that wasn’t enough, a subsequent hammer fist followed suit. White like always did not hold back when asked about the matter during the post-fight news conference of UFC 289.

Expressing bewilderment, he quipped, “What’s up with mascots wanting to get punched in the face by professional fighters?” White couldn’t fathom the rationale behind such acts, highlighting the potential risks involved.

Drawing a comparison to the Deontay Wilder incident, he pondered the materials mascots are made of, cautioning against the perils of inviting professional fighters to engage in face-punching endeavors. With a touch of humor, White acknowledged that certain mascots, like the Golden Knights’ mysterious character, might have protective gear, but it remains an ill-advised endeavor nonetheless.

Why does Dana always support Conor McGregor?

The bottom line speaks for itself, and McGregor’s name is a byword for monetary achievement. With record-breaking pay-per-view numbers and sold-out arenas, McGregor has consistently delivered the greenbacks that make promoters’ hearts skip a beat.

As the mastermind behind the UFC, Dana White knows that backing fighters who fill the coffers is a savvy business move, and McGregor’s ability to draw massive crowds and generate substantial revenue places him in a league of his own. In the realm of combat sports, captivating audiences is an art form, and McGregor is a virtuoso.

Conor McGregor

He has the uncanny ability to build a cyclone of hype and excitement around his fights thanks to his larger-than-life charisma, superb razor-sharp wit, and captivating “Mystic Mac” MC skills. McGregor’s charismatic aura not only endears him to fans but also transforms him into a promotional goldmine for the UFC.

Dana White, a shrewd judge of star power, recognizes McGregor’s unique appeal and understands that he adds a touch of magic to the sport, captivating the hearts and minds of fight fans worldwide. Together, White and McGregor have crafted a legacy that transcends the Octagon, intertwining their destinies as one of the most potent forces in combat sports history.

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