‘‘Do not feel alone’’: Ryan Garcia worried about Teofimo Lopez’s ‘anxiety issues’, shares heartfelt message to ex-lightweight champ

In addition to showcasing his incredible talent in the ring, rising boxing sensation Ryan Garcia has actively promoted mental health awareness. Garcia used social media to share a profound message after going through his own personal fight with mental illness.

He seriously urged people to remove all the stigmas associated with mental health and show much compassion and understanding for the less unfortunate, for those who are suffering.

Are Ryan Garcia and Teofimo Lopez friends?

Ryan Garcia and Teofimo Lopez have had a friendly relationship in the past. In public, people have observed them interacting and showing respect for one another. It’s crucial to remember that friendships in the combat sports community can be intricate and dynamic.

Despite the likelihood that they got along well, it’s possible that their relationship may have evolved or altered over time. Boxing, on the flip side, is often regarded as the sweet science. It is an intense and unforgiving sport where one blow can shatter dreams and alter careers.


Garcia, at the tender age of 24, experienced this firsthand when a devastating body shot brought him to a halt. A fighter’s mental health may suffer as a result of the demanding physical requirements of the sport and the high level of stress that surrounds fight preparation.

Garcia, known for his openness, shared his struggles and even took a break from boxing to focus on his well-being. In his recent social media post, Garcia courageously called for an end to the ignorance surrounding mental health. His message emphasized the importance of building inner strength, which goes beyond mere physical toughness.


Who is Ryan Garcia’s next opponent?

Following his shocking knockout loss to Gervonta Davis in April, Garcia finds himself at a pivotal moment in his career. One enticing matchup that could captivate the boxing world is a showdown between Garcia and Jose Ramirez. As another rising star in the sport and a top-five fighter in the division, Ramirez presents a formidable challenge for “King Ry.”

If Garcia seeks to test his mettle against the best at 140 pounds, facing the fierce “Jaguar” would undoubtedly push him to his limits and provide a true measure of his capabilities. Another one is Subriel Matias, the Puerto Rican star on a scintillating four-fight win streak. As the reigning IBF champion, Matias offers both a formidable ranked test and an opportunity for Garcia to vie for a championship immediately in his new weight class.

Ryan Garcia

A clash between these two fighters promises fireworks, as they bring their unwavering pride and skills to the center of the ring. For Garcia, an encounter with undefeated Californian star Arnold Barboza Jr. could also very well prove to be a thorough high-stakes gamble.

While the risk is evident, so too is the potential reward. A victory over Barboza Jr., who resides within the top 10 of the division, would enhance Garcia’s reputation and catapult him further into the spotlight.

This intriguing matchup offers both a chance to build name value and a stepping stone toward reclaiming his status as one of boxing’s brightest stars. Whatever route Garcia takes, he can be sure that the boxing community will be paying close attention as “King Ry” sets out on his quest to retake the kingdom.

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