Demetrious Johnson defeating giants in open-weight BJJ tournament stuns fans: “Bradley Martyn would literally die”

Ex-UFC 2 division Champion, “Mighty” Demetrious Johnson, competed in his second Jiu-Jitsu competition at the 2024 IBFF Masters Panam Championships in Florida and faced off against giant heavyweights in an open-weight category.

The video of “Mighty” rolling with heavyweight giants made the rounds on ‘X’ (formerly Twitter), as fans discussed the previously rumored matchup between popular fitness YouTuber and owner of Zoo Culture, Bradley Martyn, and “Mighty” Demetrious Johnson

Demetrious Johnson defeats 6ft giants but suffers first BJJ loss

After winning a gold medal in the 154 lbs category at the 2024 IBFF Masters Panam Championships, Demetrious Johnson entered the ‘open weight’ category to test his skills against 6ft giants. For comparison, “Mighty” Demetrious Johnson is only 5’2.

Demetrious Johnson, a Brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Matt Hume and Bibiano Fernandes since 2006, made his run up to the semi-finals, defeating two heavyweights and choking them out.

During his third matchup, “Mighty” got choked out via Triangle Choke by Brandon Paul Gagnon, losing his first-ever BJJ match in his entire career.

Demetrious Johnson, otherwise known as “Mighty,” is considered one of the most refined mixed martial artists of his generation and has garnered a lot of attention for his BJJ during his reign as the UFC Flyweight Champion, performing suplexes and getting into arm-bars mid-suplex.

Now an agent of ONE Fighting Championship, “Mighty” Demetrious Johnson is also a YouTube sensation within the MMA community.

Fans react to Demetrious Johnson’s impressive performance

The MMA community and fans took to ‘X’ (formerly Twitter), impressed by Johnson’s victory against heavyweight giants in a professional BJJ tournament, and immediately recalled the time when fitness influencer Bradley Martyn called out Demetrious Johnson on his podcast.

Bradley Martyn, a fitness influencer and bodybuilder, in his podcast stated that he would fold fighters that weight 150 lbs ‘like a pretzel’. Martyn also made a buzz in the MMA community with a signature question he would ask MMA fighters on his podcast – “Do you think you can beat me in a street fight?”

Having had multiple reality checks by athletes like Devon Haney and Nate Diaz, Brendan Schuab on the same podcast expressed to Martyn that he guarantees that “Mighty” would choke Brendan out in moments, despite of the difference in size.

Here are some of the fans’ reactions:

Being in denial of the same, Bradley tried explaining that he can curl 150 lbs with one arm proceeding to callout “Mighty.” Jonson also accepted the matchup, but it never came to fruition.

After Jonson’s impressive performance at the 2024 IBFF Masters Panam Championships, fans immediately questioned what would happen to Martyn if “Mighty” is rolling and defeating trained BJJ Heavyweights that compete.

Would Bradley Martyn ever get humbled?

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