Despite Francis Ngannou’s $8million deal, Joe Rogan claims the Predator’s UFC to PFL move is “big loss”

Joe Rogan is not too happy about Francis Ngannou leaving the UFC. The longtime commentator revealed his mind on the subject during a recent episode of ‘The Joe Rogan Experience.’

An avid martial arts enthusiast, Rogan was cage side for many of Ngannou’s devastating wins in the UFC. Considering the roster, he believes the ‘Predator’ would have been best tested had he stayed with the premier organization. Furthermore, he also mentioned what intrigues him about Ngannou’s move to the PFL.

Francis Ngannou

This historic move has garnered both positive and negative feedback from all directions. One of the harshest critics of the move has been none other than UFC president Dana White.

He questioned the logic behind PFL’s decision questioning Ngannou’s long inactivity and blaming him for not taking risks. Meanwhile, Rogan has been silent on the issue until now.

The BJJ black belt recently gave his own thoughts while weighing the pros and cons of the deal.

What did Joe Rogan say on Francis Ngannou’s UFC to PFL move?

In episode #1991 of JRE, Joe Rogan hosted Ari Shaffir, Mark Normand, and Shane Gillis for almost three hours. The four stand-up comics had an entertaining chat on different topics and eventually landed on the subject of Francis.

They were watching a clip of the Cameroonian fighting Stipe Miocic for the 2nd time with the UFC title on the line when Rogan gave his thoughts on the PFL deal.

As Rogan watched Ngannou dismantle Miocic on the screen, he observed how Francis had improved his game since the loss to Miocic many years ago.

The 55-year-old then confessed his frustrations with Ngannou’s exit saying, “It’s a big loss in my mind, like, him going to the PFL. It bums me out.”

He continued, “I understand it. I’m happy he’s going to get paid, I’m happy he’s going to get to box. But I loved watching this guy fight in the UFC. He was a f***ing monster. He was so good dude. And he is so good.”

Joe Rogan speculates reasons behind Francis Ngannou’s $ 8 million PFL move

The question posed by Rogan is actually a sentiment shared by numerous fans and professionals alike. Ngannou’s decision to join the PFL marks a historic moment in his career. In doing so, he turned down a lucrative deal worth over $8 million from the UFC.

By making this move, the former UFC champion has not only secured significant financial opportunities for himself but also for his future opponents who can now potentially earn multi-million dollar paychecks. It’s noteworthy that Ngannou has also taken on the role of chairman for PFL Africa.

Francis Ngannou

One intriguing aspect of Francis’s deal with the PFL is that it allows him the freedom to venture into boxing. However, the question of whom he will face in the PFL remains largely unanswered.

It is possible that Ngannou is closely monitoring the heavyweight tournaments in the PFL as the winner of such a tournament could potentially become his first opponent in this new chapter of his career.

Do you think the former UFC Heavyweight champion made the right move by parting ways with the UFC? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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