Dillon Brooks’ agent rips NBA analyst for report on his client’s exit from Grizzlies: “The leader of spreading false news and attacking players”

NBA player Dillon Brooks has been at the center of attention on social media after a report by reputable NBA reporter Shams Charania suggested that the Memphis Grizzlies had no intention of re-signing him. However, despite the report, it appears that Brooks may still be staying with the team, and his representatives are not happy with the rumors.

Damichael Cole, a Memphis Grizzlies reporter, has revealed that both Brooks’ agent and the Grizzlies organization are reportedly furious with Charania’s report. It is unclear where the reporter’s sources came from, and Brooks’ agent, Mike George, took to Twitter to express his frustration.

George’s tweet reads: “@ShamsCharania the leader of spreading false news and attacking players. Why any player in the league talks to this guy blows my mind. #weirdo”

The agent’s tweet seems to suggest that Charania has a history of spreading false information and attacking players. He also seems perplexed as to why any player in the league would talk to the reporter if he has a reputation for spreading misinformation.


It is understandable why Brooks and his representatives would be upset by the report, especially if it is not accurate. Rumors can have a significant impact on a player’s career, and false information can be damaging.

It remains to be seen whether Brooks will stay with the Memphis Grizzlies or move on to another team, but it is clear that his representatives are not happy with the rumors circulating about his future in the NBA.

Dillon Brooks’ Future in the NBA: Dissecting the Rumors and Controversy

Dillon Brooks and his agency are not happy with the reports from Shams Charania about the Memphis Grizzlies’ supposed lack of interest in Brooks. Brooks’ agent denied the rumors and called Charania out for spreading false information. However, it is uncertain why Charania came to this conclusion.

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Brooks is in the final year of his $35 million three-year contract with the Grizzlies, which is set to expire this summer. It’s reasonable to assume that Memphis is no longer interested in Brooks, given that they didn’t make any offers to re-sign him. However, it was revealed that the organization did offer him a contract extension earlier this season, which Brooks reportedly turned down.

Another factor that could have influenced Charania’s report is Brooks’ problematic behavior during the playoffs, where he called out LeBron James and performed poorly against the Lakers, creating negative attention. According to Charania, this discouraged the Grizzlies from considering re-signing him.

Despite Brooks’ agent claiming that Charania’s reports were false, it remains to be seen whether Memphis will re-sign Brooks.


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