Dillon Danis was banned from Instagram after Andrew Tate interview amid lawsuits from Logan Paul’s fiancée Nina Agdal

It’s been months since Dillon Danis started trolling his opponent, the Youtuber turned boxer Logan Paul by posting explicit pictures of his fiancée on social media. The long going trolling of Nina Agdal resulted in the Danish model filing a restraining order and a federal lawsuit against El Jefe.

The former MMA fighter featured in an interview with the controversial internet personality Andrew Tate, and the bad luck that follows the controversial internet personality also seemed to follow Dillon Danis.

Dillon Danis was banned from Instagram after Andrew Tate interview

El Jefe recently appeared in an interview with Andrew Tate, the former MMA fighter. The controversial internet personality and Danis were connected by their mutual friend Adin Ross, who introduced Dillon and Andrew on his YouTube channel, Adin Live.

Tate and Dillon had a great conversation, according to El Jefe. Dillon further said that he looks forward to training with Tate. However, where Andrew Tate goes, bad happenings follow. Danis’ Instagram account was disabled soon after he was featured in the interview with Tate.

Danis took to Twitter to reveal his banning from the social media platform Instagram. El Jefe further revealed that he didn’t delete anything from his Instagram story, but all the stories in which Andrew Tate was featured had been deleted

In the live interview with Ross and Tate, Dillon Danis revealed his current situation amidst all the lawsuits from Nina Agdal. According to El Jefe, he cannot even go to the gym to train because people are waiting for him, trying to serve him papers.

When asked by Ross about whether the fight with Logan Paul will happen considering the number of lawsuits Dillon Danis is going through, El Jefe replied, “Yeah, we’re supposed to fight, but what’s the point of it, like I’m getting another lawsuit every single day.”

Dillon Danis continues to post about Nina Agdal despite court restraining order

Even after the issuance of a restraining order and a federal lawsuit being filed against him, Danis hasn’t stopped trolling Nina Agdal on social media and the intensity on the other hand has actually increased.

Recently, El Jefe posted a picture of Nina Agdal with the current US president Joe Biden which seems to be AI generated. He didn’t stop there, the former MMA fighter and Conor McGregor’s training partner further went on to post a mirror selfie of the Danish Model in a bikini.

As of now Logan Paul and Dillon Danis will fight on October 14, but tell us in the comment section your thoughts on who do you think will emerge victor ?


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