Dominik Mysterio’s savagely attacks Rey Mysterio during Thanksgiving, video goes viral

On thanksgiving eve, Dominik Mysterio brutally attacked his father, Rey Mysterio. WWE posted the video to their official Twitter account. Even though the father-son relationship is no longer present, the latest developments open up more possibilities for the future of the Mysterio family drama against The Judgement Day. The video later went viral on social media.

Dominik and Rey’s father-son relationship has been strained since The Judgement Day intervened. After becoming a member of The Judgement Day. The young Mysterio grew more brutal and savage.

WWE’s most recent video on their Twitter account is a prime example of this. The members of the Judgement Day launched a surprise attack on the former WWE champion in the video. The heinous attack on Thanksgiving Eve broke many fans’ hearts, as they had hoped for a happy ending to the family drama.

Rhea and Dom begin the video by walking down to Rey’s house for the Thanksgiving Eve celebration, even though they weren’t invited. However, Dom’s mother did not accept them and told them not to enter. Dom, however, did not want to leave just yet, so he continued to argue, and right then Rey arrives at the door and informs him that he is not invited to the family Thanksgiving.

Ripley and Dominik barged in when he tried to close the door. And then he started beating Rey up and frothing. Dom started kicking and hitting Rey, aiming for his injured leg. He began by slamming a photograph of a father and son over his walking boot. He then dragged his father over to the stairwell and smashed a wooden broom over his boot. His mother yelled at him to stop the nonsense, but he persisted.

The shocking footage evoked a strong reaction from fans all over the world because it was completely unexpected. However, WWE continues to provide its best content with the help of Triple H. Nonetheless, fans have been loving the father-son drama so far.


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