Donald Trump questions Brittney Griner’s release through prisoner swap claiming her “a basketball player who openly hates our country”

The former WNBA star Brittney Griner got released from Russia recently. Meanwhile, American ex-president Donald Trump questions Brittney Griner incident.

The former WNBA star became political prisoner Brittney Griner and is now a pawn in American politics. After spending 10 months in a Russian jail, Griner is now getting medical examinations at a military post in San Antonio, Texas, where she is also spending more time with her family.

She’s probably already heard about the Donald Trump-inspired bile that greeted her publication and is getting ready to face some of the expected unpleasant inquiries that will come her way.

Taking to his social media site Truth Social, Trump said early on, “What kind of a deal is it to swap Brittney Griner, a basketball star who openly hates our nation, for the guy known as ‘The Merchant of Death?'”

Specifically, Trump is referencing Viktor Bout, an armaments trader. It’s important to distinguish between those who “openly hates our nation” and those who just despise racism or any other kind of injustice.

On Sunday, Trump claimed in a tweet that he had rejected a “one on one swap” with Russia that would have returned Whelan home in trade for Bout.

Trump stated, “I turned down a deal with Russia for a one on one swap of the so-called Merchant of Death for Paul Whelan. I wouldn’t have made the deal for a hundred people in exchange for someone that has killed untold numbers of people with his arms deals. I would have gotten Paul out, however, just as I did with a record number of other hostages. The deal for Griner is crazy and bad. The taking wouldn’t have even happened during my Administration, but if it did, I would have gotten her out , fast!”

The judge who handed down Bout’s sentence thinks the time he spent in American prisons was enough. Moreover, Trump has no right to criticize the release of prisoners since he himself struck a deal with the Taliban that liberated hundreds of their warriors.


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