“Don’t wanna fight a cheater”: Justin Gaethje bodies Conor McGregor with crude remarks following UFC 291 win

Justin Gaethje is a professional mixed martial artist from the United States. He currently fights in the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s Lightweight category and is both the current UFC BMF Champion and the former UFC Interim Lightweight Champion. Following his victory at UFC 291, “The Highlight” didn’t hold back in his response to Conor McGregor.

The 34 years old made derogatory statements, inferring that McGregor’s previous problems with drug testing were the reason he didn’t want to fight a cheater. After Gaethje‘s victory, Notorious declared himself to be the “real BMF” and indicated an interest in winning the title. However, the American appeared uninterested in a hypothetical battle with McGregor, claiming that the Irishman has previously turned him down numerous times. The conversation between the two combatants fueled the rumor mill and led to more talk of a future confrontation between them.

Justin Gaethje claps back at Conor McGregor

Following his spectacular victory over Dustin Poirier at UFC 291, Justin Gaethje and Conor McGregor got into a heated argument. After the victory, the current UFC BMF Champion reacted to McGregor’s tweet, “Justin, I’ll slap you around,” during the post-fight press conference.

The American laughed at the prospect of competing against McGregor, saying, “I believe he has rejected me six times. He made it plain that he would not consider facing someone on steroids, emphasizing that he prefers a clean sport and does not want to confront a cheater.

The heated exchange between the two fighters fueled speculation of a future confrontation, but Gaethje’s words emphasized his commitment to preserving a fair and drug-free sport. Notorious, known for his bold statements, didn’t hold back in expressing his willingness to dictate the shots in the fight game. “The Highlight’s” response, however, concentrated on the value of honesty in sports and his reluctance to take on McGregor.

McGregor accused of steroid abuse multiple times

Conor McGregor, the Irish MMA superstar, has been accused of steroid abuse numerous times during his UFC career. These claims have been made by a number of people, including UFC commentator Joe Rogan, former champion Rafael dos Anjos, and fellow fighter Sean O’Malley.

In one instance, Joe Rogan joked that McGregor’s pee would “melt the cup” in a drug test owing to his stunning physical metamorphosis. The Irishman responded by posting images of Rogan at various ages, ostensibly in jest and casting doubt on Rogan’s credibility.

Conor McGregor

Another accusation was made by Sean O’Malley, who claimed on his podcast that the former Ultimate Fighting Championship Featherweight and Lightweight Champion was being “sauced up” without offering any supporting data. Sugar suggested that McGregor’s self-exclusion from the USADA drug-testing pool raised concerns about his drug use.

In response to these allegations, McGregor has continuously denied using steroids and has stated that his impressive physique is the result of natural means. He has credited his metamorphosis to a diet that includes organic meat, whisky, and stout.

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