Draymond Green shares his candid opinion on Chris Paul trade, highlighting potential defensive impact, versatility for Warriors

The newcomer to the Golden State Warriors, Chris Paul, who was acquired through trade from the Washington Wizards for the upcoming 2023–24 season, has Draymond Green’s support. Green expressed his want to see the 12-time All-Star’s influence on the team’s younger players during an interview on Paul George’s Podcast P.

Green specifically mentioned 20-year-old striker Jonathan Kuminga, expressing his interest in how Paul’s presence can support Kuminga’s growth and help him realize his potential. The Warriors have high expectations for Paul’s guidance and impact on their youthful players given his abundance of expertise and leadership.

Draymond Green explains Chris Paul’s possible impact on Warriors

The Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green spoke about the veteran point guard’s potential influence on their offence during his visit on Podcast P. He also expressed his enthusiasm about Chris Paul joining the club. Green emphasized Paul’s capacity to develop younger players, noting Jonathan Kuminga in particular as a player who would profit immensely from Paul’s presence.

“Chris Paul will completely unlock Jonathan Kuminga and his growth. CP is great with young guys,” Green said on the podcast.

However, in praising Paul’s mentoring skills, Green inadvertently took a swipe at Phoenix Suns center Deandre Ayton, suggesting that the big man struggled before Paul’s arrival in Phoenix. “Deandre Ayton looked like a bust before CP came to Phoenix,” Green added.

Green’s remarks highlight the significant influence Paul had on the Suns, taking them all the way to the NBA Finals in 2021 and assisting Ayton in developing as a player. With impressive averages of 17 points and 10 rebounds per game when playing with Paul, Ayton’s performance clearly showed growth.

Warriors Steph Curry’s thoughts on the CP3 trade

Jordan Poole is moving to the Washington Wizards, while Chris Paul will join the Golden State Warriors as a result of a recent blockbuster transaction between the two teams. Steph Curry and Klay Thompson both commented on the arrival of Paul and the departure of Poole.

Thompson acknowledged their prior conflicts and the influence Paul had on earlier teams as he expressed his honor and enthusiasm about playing with a player of Paul’s caliber. He’s going to bring the necessary leadership and soothing presence, according to Thompson. He and Steph have a long history together, I know that. I’m just happy because I know that playing with such a passer and playmaker will be a seamless adjustment for me.

Curry pondered on the unpredictable nature of the NBA’s commercial operations and recognized the consistently good effect Paul has had on the teams he has played for. He emphasized the Warriors’ will to win another title and the necessity for them to figure out how all the parts would fit together.

Curry stated, “We’re trying to win next year and CP can help us do that.”

Curry voiced his regret at Poole’s departure, acknowledging the difficult experience of seeing a young talent develop before being moved. He did admit that Paul’s addition may contribute to the team’s success in the forthcoming campaign.


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