“Eat d**k” UFC fighter Joel Bauman’s bizarre Jimmy Kimmel, Hollywood pedophile claim after win vs Anthony Ivy at Fury FC 68

Combat sports fans across the globe know that a fighter is not always compensated solely based on their fighting skills. In fact, athletes who can attract fans with their antics can many times generate more revenue than their peers who only have their fighting skills to show. Joel Bauman may have taken this lesson a bit too seriously with his recent performances.

On Fury FC 68, Bauman took on Anthony Ivy and managed to secure a win. In the post-fight interview, Bauman rocked a seemingly risque outfit and talked about his new NFT that is about to come out. He also claimed himself the reason behind college and high school athletes getting paid today.

Joel also called out Jimmy Kimmel and told him to make his fights viral so ‘world hunger could come to an end’. Then he went on to declare the famous host and all of Hollywood as  ‘pedophiles’ until the flight logs (supposedly to Jeffrey Epstein’s private island) got released.

How right is Joel Bauman about Hollywood?

Unsurprisingly, Joel is nowhere near the first person to call out Hollywood in such a fashion. Epstein Island is real and many big names have actually been there. It would be foolish to expect that at least some if not a majority of Hollywood personalities have been involved with pedophilia in one way or the other.

There is also a very strong reason why these people resort to such disgusting practices. The entertainment industry claims to be ‘progressive’ and ‘liberal’ while in reality they are mostly degenerates. When you can find dolled-up men and women all around you and engage in enough acts of physical pleasure, there will be consequences.

The human mind usually adjusts the bar to dopamine release with the frequent practice of extreme ecstasy. This is why the Hollywood people are highly prone to eventually preying on children almost as a natural result of the disgusting practices that prevail in their industry.

What is your opinion on the Hollywood Pedophilia problem?

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