ECW Legend Sabu debuts in AEW, confronts Chris Jericho confirming Double or Nothing appearance

ECW Legend Sabu, known for his unique and captivating wrestling style, has made an unexpected entrance into All Elite Wrestling (AEW), shaking up the wrestling world and leaving fans in awe. Unexpectedly, Chris Jericho confirmed his participation in the next Double or Nothing pay-per-view (PPV) event on May 28 in Las Vegas, Nevada, when Sabu accosted him.


Sabu takes on Chris Jericho in a ‘Double or Nothing’ appearance for the AEW debut

During the latest episode of Dynamite on May 24, Adam Cole and Chris Jericho officially signed the contract for their highly anticipated Unsanctioned match at Double or Nothing. This contract ensured that AEW would not be held responsible for the brutal consequences that may arise from this no-holds-barred encounter.

As the contract signing unfolded, Chris Jericho took the opportunity to mock Adam Cole, labeling him an “idiot” for agreeing to a match with no rules. Jericho emphasized that this would result in a daunting mismatch, pitting the five members of The Jericho Appreciation Society against Cole and his ally, Roderick Strong.

Undeterred by Jericho’s taunts, Adam Cole responded, acknowledging the numerical disadvantage but revealing that he had secured an ally who possessed the same level of madness and tenacity found only in Las Vegas. To everyone’s surprise, that ally turned out to be none other than the infamous ECW legend Sabu.

Renowned as the “suicidal, homicidal, genocidal” master of hardcore wrestling, Sabu emerged, showing that he still had what it takes to command the ring. Demonstrating his signature chair-throwing skills, Sabu left no doubt that he would be standing by Cole’s side during the Unsanctioned match at Double or Nothing.

Sabu’s involvement in this high-stakes showdown raised eyebrows, considering his apparent retirement from active wrestling in 2021. Yet, AEW has become known for bringing in veteran wrestlers as mentors, and Sabu is the latest addition to this esteemed list.

While some may view him as an unconventional choice, with Kyle O’Reilly recovering from neck surgery and Bobby Fish’s uncertain status, Cole needed a reliable partner in his corner, the ECW veteran just happened to fit the bill.

Could the Sabu and Taz rivalry reignite in AEW?

Sabu’s arrival in AEW also holds significance due to his connection with another part of the promotion’s history. In the realm of Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), Sabu and Taz shared an intense rivalry, with Sabu being the only other wrestler to hold the FTW Championship, an esteemed title currently held by Taz’s son, Hook, in AEW.

This connection adds another layer of intrigue to Sabu’s involvement in Cole’s corner at Double or Nothing. It is important to note that despite his impactful debut, Sabu has not been officially announced as an AEW signee. His appearance could be a one-time arrangement for the Double or Nothing event.

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