Why is Aljamain Sterling called FunkMaster? Exploring the Bantamweight champs’ path to glory

Aljamain Sterling has come a long way in his combat sports career and at the age of 33, he now seems like a force to be reckoned with inside the MMA universe. This professional mixed martial artist went through a traumatic childhood in his path which still haunts him. Achieving the UFC belt shows just how far the Jamaican has come.

So, it is time to explore more facts about the fighter including the background of his nickname and his journey to UFC.

Why is Aljamain Sterling called FunkMaster?

The Bantamweight Champion is known as FunkMaster to his fans and to the world. When he was asked about the origin of the name, he mentioned his fighting style had a lot to do with choosing such a name. During his high school days, when he had just entered into wrestling, his fighting style was void of uniqueness and sharp skills.

And he used to do weird stances which ultimately inspired his friend to call him Funky. Upon entering the UFC, he blended the name with the word Master, thus, FunkMaster was born.

How did he join the UFC?

Aljamain Sterling surprised by buzz around Henry Cejudo title fight

In search of a ray of relief from his harsh childhood, Sterling started learning wrestling in his high school. He was declared NCAA Division III All-American by the end of his college. Then with so much hope and excitement, he debuted in UFC in 2014.

In his first octagon battle, the UFC pro fought with Cody Gibson in UFC 170 and bagged the match via unanimous decision. The 135-pounder is mainly a wrestler. But he often utilizes his huge stature and long reach to poke out opponents from the distance.

Aljamain Sterling’s story of fighting with the problems in his life and building an empire of success could serve as a base of motivation for many broken souls out there who could use some inspiration to stand up again. What is your opinion on the Bantamweight champ’s journey from misery to glory? Share your opinion in the comment section.

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