“Enjoy Retirement” Kevin Durant ruthlessly roasts Ex-NBA player

The NBA superstar Kevin Durant has engaged in yet another Twitter debate, as he has recently done quite a bit. Olden Polynice, a former NBA player, was his opponent this time around. The two got into a public disagreement over some false information supplied by the 1987 NBA Draft’s eighth overall choice.

Olden Polynice, an NBA veteran, shared a tale on Chris Broussard’s podcast about how the Nets’ connection with Kyrie was destroyed after Irving went to Steve Nash’s house and demanded that Nash show him the MVP stories he had stolen from Kobe. It turns out that infamous Twitter troll “Ballsack Sports” faked this news report.

It has been fascinating to watch how easy ESPN and other prestigious media outlets will report on material they obtained from fictitious Twitter accounts, as has been the case with Ballsack Sports, who have been fooling a lot of top-tier media into believing their stories. Kevin Durant chose to call Polynice out for committing a generational lie after he did the same.

Polynice challenged Durant rather than letting on that he was “sacked,” a phrase used for those who believed such lies: “Lol, if that’s a generational lie then we are all in trouble. People may not like the truth but it’s always coming.. like PJ Tucker said “I Love you”.. You are still one of the best ever. Glad to know I still have a little impact out there.. KD responded to me.. F yeah !!!”

Olden’s strange response, in which he acts like a typical Twitter user and acts giddy at Kevin Durant responding to his message, didn’t go over well with the app’s users or KD himself. Prior to 2003–2004, Polynice, a previous top–ten selection pick, spent 13 seasons in the league.

KD made the decision to take Olden’s remarks seriously and dismiss them in his subsequent tweet, informing him that he is no longer relevant and advising him to enjoy his retirement.


It’s impossible for anyone to prevail in a Twitter argument with Kevin Durant. Durant is completely in the right this time, at least, as Polynice and other media professionals need to be much more cautious when vetting the sources of their stories.

It was inevitable that Polynice would face criticism for appearing on a popular podcast and distributing false information about Kobe Bryant, Kyrie Irving, and Steve Nash. Since the pages that produce their articles are operated anonymously on Twitter, journalists and former NBA players cannot rely on them as reliable sources of information. Sports media outlets risk spreading a lot of false information if they don’t improve their content filtering.

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