Ex-Bucs C Bruce Arians admits Tom Brady’s off-field distractions caused by Gisele Bundchen divorce contributed to team’s struggle in final season

Tom Brady, over the years, has entertained huge crowds with his jaw-dropping performances. However, he failed to do so in the latest edition of the NFL. TB12 struggled in 2022 for obvious reasons, and he did not have anyone by his side during the roughest patch of his career and life. 

Now that Brady is retired, there are many interpretations of his 2022 season from different people- it depends on who you ask. On Wednesday, Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians joined “The Rich Eisen Show,” and shared his reasons and said why Brady failed to perform.

Along with millions of fans, Bruce Arians agrees that getting a divorce from Gisele Bundchen was the main reason for Tom Brady and the Bucs’ failure.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady and his ex-wife Gisele Bündchen.

What did Bruce Arians say about Tom Brady?

Appearing in the show, the former coach spoke in detail about TB12. From then to now, Bruce shared many interesting facts about Tom Brady. However, while discussing the legend and his team’s bad run of play in 2022, Arians could not help himself and mentioned Brady’s separation from ex-wife Gisele Bundchen.

Bruce talking about Tom’s divorce, said, “Tom wasn’t himself, you know, with all the things that were going on. And I got to give him all the credit in the world for battling through what he went through last year for his teammates. I think the world of him but it wasn’t the real Tom Brady out there.”

Tom Brady
Tom Brady and Bruce Arians.

Even with the mental pressure of separation, Tom Brady held his nerves and played for the Bucs. There are many claims that even his teammates mocked him after his sad divorce. Yet Brady did not disappoint his fan and led the Tampa Bay team to the Wild Card round.

Yet haters of the legend criticized him for not going further in the tournament. Many of these haters stormed into social media platforms like Twitter and bashed Brady, calling him a “senior citizen.”

On the other hand, the coach also mentioned the injuries of key players as one of the reasons for the Bucs not performing to their merit. However, Brady getting a divorce was the main reason Brady could not perform, and as TB12 could not perform, chances of getting victories automatically dropped.

Can the Bucs’ team improve their game next season? With no Brady and a huge debt of $35 million cap hit on their shoulders, it seems very unlikely. Yet, time will tell.


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