“Keep that same energy when you get divorced” Joe Rogan takes brutal shot at Chiefs’ MVP Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany

Joe Rogan, the renowned UFC commentator, has taken a dig at Brittany Mahomes, the wife of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, in the latest episode of ‘The Joe Rogan Experience.’ Rogan, who is a martial arts enthusiast and a keen observer of sports, discussed the risks involved in contact sports like MMA and football.

However, he moved onto the topic of Mahomes’s wife, Brittany, after being introduced to it by Shane Gillis, co-host of ‘Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast.’ Rogan’s sly comment took a humorous jibe at Brittany’s highly energetic celebrations after her husband’s performances.

During the three-hour-long conversation, Gillis showed Rogan a clip of Brittany Mahomes celebrating a Kansas City Chiefs moment with immense enthusiasm. Rogan was quick to point out that such energy would not last after divorce. He added a humorous touch to his comment, leaving the audience in splits.

However, Rogan was not the only one to express negative comments about Brittany’s celebrations. Cincinnati Bengals fans also criticized her after their team’s loss to the Chiefs in the playoffs.

Kansas City Chiefs secured their place in the Super Bowl after defeating Cincinnati Bengals in an exciting game of football.

Although Patrick Mahomes was praised for playing despite an injury, several Bengals fans complained about poor officiating. After the win, Brittany Mahomes took to Instagram to congratulate her husband and share his key moments from the game.

However, several fans in the comment section chose to vent their frustrations at her instead of celebrating the victory.

Despite facing criticism from some fans, several Chiefs fans came to Brittany Mahomes’s defense, stating that she had every right to celebrate the win however she wanted. The incident highlighted the growing trend of fans attacking players and their families on social media platforms. The increasing toxicity in sports culture is a matter of concern for players and fans alike.

Joe Rogan’s humorous comment about Brittany Mahomes’s celebrations adds to the growing trend of players and their families facing criticism from fans on social media.

While fans have the right to express their opinions, it is essential to maintain civility and respect toward players and their families. Sports are meant to bring people together, and toxicity in sports culture only serves to divide and harm the spirit of the game.



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