Ex-Champion urges fighters to stop being “a dog slave” and quit UFC: “Anybody smart is gonna get out of that game”

Currently, there is a long-running discussion about how poorly paid UFC fighters are. An ex-UFC fighter recently brought up the subject once more and urged other fighters to stop adhering to UFC rules and instead leave the organization as soon as possible. 

Luke Rockhold spoke this time about the underprivileged and underpaid fighters. Before leaving the Ultimate Fighting Championship last year after his third straight loss, the experienced MMA fighter competed in the organization for almost ten years. 

What did Luke Rockhold have to say on how the UFC treats it’s fighters?

Luke isn’t currently affiliated with any MMA promotion. Even though Luke is 38-year-old but the highly experienced mixed martial artist hasn’t given up on combat sports completely just yet. The former UFC Middleweight Champion has a direct message for the athletes on the current UFC roster in an interview with Just Scrap Radio. 

“It’s a fair revenue split whereas the UFC is just controlling everything. They merged with [WWE] and they’re a $12 billion company now. They’re still suppressing everybody, putting them in s—tty hotels, and paying them $50,000 bonuses. It’s like, come on, dog.” said Luke. 

With the exception of one year, the Californian fighter has competed exclusively in the middleweight division. The fame of Dana White’s organization should not be used to manipulate fighters, in Rockhold’s opinion. 

“Anybody smart is gonna get out of that game. And not just want to be a b—ch and be like ‘a UFC fighter,’ and attack that. Try to use their platform for something. These people just hold onto the nostalgia of being a UFC fighter like idiots like Sean Strickland. Who will just be a dog slave for the rest of his life.” Luke added.

Luke is undoubtedly not the first fighter to bring up the subject of fighters receiving inadequate pay and losing respect as a result of being restricted by a UFC contract. Many fighters, both active and retired, have already discussed this subject. As it appears, the situation will alter gradually when fighters begin to make money and have the right privileges to secure their rights.

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