“If I don’t knock him out, I’ll retire” Ex-UFC champion Luke Rockhold makes bold claim challenging Logan Paul

Former UFC fighter Luke Rockhold issued a challenge to Logan Paul, vowing that he will defeat Paul no matter where they fight, whether it is wrestling or boxing.

After suffering his third consecutive defeat, the 38-year-old fighter announced his retirement from the sport in the previous year. However, his latest words give the impression that he is determined to make a comeback at any point in order to defeat Logan Paul.

After a break of three years, Luke competed against Paulo Costa at UFC 278, but he once again came up short and decided to hang up his gloves saying he is a free agent now and ready and re-inspired to go out there and do something new as UFC executive Hunter Campbell “granted him his wish” to be released from his contract.

However, after a year has gone by, Luke is trying to return to the octagon claiming he took his time away from the UFC because his legs needed a break after taking a lot of damage due to the couple of surgeries that followed, and now he feels good to have that break and get that freedom.

The retired lightweight MMA fighter claims he still has enough fight left in him and that he can beat YouTube boxing star Logan Paul anytime, anywhere. According to the American, he is going to go box a bit, as he still has fight left in him.

“If I don’t knock Logan Paul out cold, I’d be f****** out. I’m out, I guarantee it. No, not a disappointment — I’d be f****** devastated. But, that ain’t gonna happen.” Rockhold said.

As of right now, Logan Paul has not responded to the bout offer that was made by Luke Rockhold. Prior to joining WWE in October, Logan had a brief stint as a professional boxer.


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