“UFC released me to f****** hunt that kid down” Ex-middleweight champ Luke Rockhold offers dying urges to box Jake Paul

Luke Rockhold is eager to face Jake Paul. According to Rockhold, this generation of fighters has a few things to learn, and he believes he is the ideal person to teach them. Recently, he announced his free agency after retiring from the sport in 2022.

The former UFC light heavyweight fighter, Luke Rockhold, is openly challenging the youngest Paul brother to a ring match. However, due to Paul’s hectic schedule, he was unable to arrange another fight within the next few months.

Despite this, the 38-year-old is unimpressed with the Paul brothers’ career and believes they do not deserve to be in the sport. According to the former UFC middleweight champion, the new generation of fighters is a bunch of punks who can’t fight.

Recently, in an interview, Rockhold made some mean comments about the YouTuber turned-boxer. He stated that the UFC released him so he could beat Jake Paul in the ring. He also had a little conversation with the UFC president, Dana White, who also doesn’t like Jake Paul for many reasons.

Former Strikeforce middleweight champion Dana White stated that he has given him full permission to do whatever he wants with the controversial character. 

“I asked for the release; we were talking about it after our boxing session at Churchhill Boxing Club with Pete Berg, and he said, ‘Ah, yeah.’ I’ll ask Dana White. And he said, yeah, Luke can go f****** fight that kid. Go beat his ass. I said, okay. I will. So, I was released to beat your f****** ass. The dog is here. The bounty man The hitman. I’m f****** here. Answer the f****** call.”

It will be interesting to see the young boxing prospect go up against an MMA veteran. Having said that, the 26-year-old’s most recent fight was a victory over MMA legend Anderson Silva.

Jake also has an undefeated career record of 6-0, with four knockouts to the opponents. As of late, the anticipated fight against Tommy Fury has been announced and will take place in Saudi Arabia on February 26. 



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