Tom Brady sends angry text to former teammate after Buccaneers loss vs Cowboys

Even his detractors can’t deny that Tom Brady is a nice, polite, and humble person in his personal life. But his former teammate Rob Ninkovich has experienced some deviant behavior, which he revealed yesterday.

Rob Ninkovich had played for the New England Patriots for eight seasons before retiring in 2017. During this period, he won the Super Bowl twice alongside Tom Brady and also made regular appearances with him. Now he is an analyst for ESPN and appeared on the ‘Keyshawn, JWill, and Max’ show.

After Tom Brady’s exit from the wild card round robin, he reached out to his former teammate as a friend. But in that moment, he was on the wrong end of Brady’s vexing behavior.

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What actually happened between Tom Brady and Rob Ninkovich?

After the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ elimination vs. the Dallas Cowboys, Rob texted his old friend, saying, “Hey man, great season.” I hope you’re recovering… you finished well, you still got it.” However, in that state of mind, Tom naturally sniffs out a hint of banter.

Tom got annoyed and replied, “Not according to your hard-hitting analysis.”

This story was revealed on the show yesterday and shocked the whole crew. A host asked Ninkovich about Brady’s future: “Is Tom trying to win another Super Bowl or is he going home to hang out with the family?” The defensive end then recounted the incident in his narrative.

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“I’ve been trying to investigate that… I’ve been trying to get some info out of that and I’m not getting anywhere with that. And then I tried to be nice and just you know, hit up a friend,” the ex-patriots elucidated.

However, TB12’s fiery remarks cause the hosts to laugh at Rob’s misery. Previously, he commented on Brady’s retirement as ‘wouldn’t be surprised,’ and the 45-year-old must have remembered that version.


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  1. Brady seems to forget that he is not the only team member. Brady’s ego is bigger than his head. Everyone is replacable especially Brady. Get over it and appreciate life Brady. Be humble.


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