“Get nasty if you want to cash that check” Daniel Cormier wants Charles Oliveira to get offensive in order to bout Conor McGregor

Charles Oliveira has been offered some sneaky strategies by Daniel Cormier if he wants to engage in a bout with Conor.

UFC fighter Charles Oliveira has been looking forward to a bout with Conor McGregor for a long time. Recently, at a press conference attended by a number of Brazilian UFC fighters, Charles vented his displeasure at Conor McGregor for always dodging him.

Dana White, president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, officially announced that Michael Chandler will face Conor McGregor in the Irishman’s return bout this year which means the Brazilian will have to wait a little longer for the Irishman.

Do Bronx stated in the press conference that he expressed his desire to fight Conor multiple times but Conor never said anything, so he will be ready to fight Conor only on the day he wants, but he will no longer call him out.

Oliveira and a number of other Brazilian fighters have expressed their opinions regarding The Notorious, stating that Conor chooses his fights carefully and only signs a contract when he is confident that he will win.

UFC legend Daniel Cormier recently released a YouTube video in which he discussed the situation, and in it, he claimed that Conor no longer sees any value in Charles now that he is no longer the lightweight champion.

For UFC legend and YouTube commentator Daniel Cormier, Charles is no longer relevant to Conor as he is no longer the lightweight champion. As for why Conor would pursue a fighter, Cormier believes it would need either the championship or the fighter’s star power and risk management for him to make the move.’

Still, Cormier offered the Brazilian some advice on how he might be able to secure a bout with Conor. The DC claims that If Charles really does want an opportunity he needs to talk more about McGregor and be more insulting about McGregor and talk about all the issues that McGregor has

”From the issue with the bus, from the issue to the fight with the man in the pub to the issue that he’s going through now. I think he has to get as personal as personal can be. … So ‘Do Bronx’: Get personal, get nasty if you want to cash that check” said Charles.

In what ways do you agree or disagree with Oliveira’s opinion of Conor McGregor? So, do you think Charles Oliveira will get a fight now that the Notorious is getting ready to return to the ring?


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