“He chickened out a long time ago, he handpicks his fights” Charles Oliveira drops bombshell truth on Conor McGregor picking opponents

During a press conference attended by a number of Brazilian UFC fighters, Charles Oliveira revealed his true feelings regarding Conor McGregor and discussed how exactly McGregor chooses his opponents.

Conor McGregor has been absent from the octagon for close to two years at this point, but the Irishman is finally making his comeback, most likely as a coach first and then as a fighter later on.

In his entire UFC career, The Notorious has only faced and defeated one Brazilian opponent: Jose Aldo. Oliveira, however, claims that Conor consistently avoided fighting him out of fear of defeat and never accepted his fight challenges.

“I’ve asked for this fight plenty of times and he never says anything. I’ll be ready to fight him the day he wants, but I won’t call him out anymore,” said Charles. 

In 2013, the Irishman made his debut in the Ultimate Fighting Championship and quickly became an iconic figure for the promotion. All the Brazilians ln that discussion agreed that anyone as Conor’s opponent would make a lot of money if they were to face him because of the credibility McGregor has created as the face of UFC over the course of his decade-long career. 

“There are no fools here, everybody knows we want this fight because he’ll give us a lot of money, but I do think he’s a guy that needs to be hyped,” Oliveira added. 

Charles and his fellow Brazilians not only admired Conor for his success in winning featherweight and lightweight championships, but they also criticized him for cherry-picking his opponents.

“McGregor chickened out a long time ago. He handpicks his fights. I think he looks at the guy and thinks ‘I can beat this one,’ and then he signs the contract. He’s right not to fight me because he knows what will happen.” Oliveira further added.

How do you feel about Oliveira’s assessment of Conor McGregor? If The Notorious were to return to the ring, who do you think would be the best matchup for him?


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