Logan Paul teases “major announcement” with UFC’s president Dana White

YouTuber turned boxer Logan Paul, has mentioned his desire to compete in a UFC bout on multiple occasions, and it looks like his wish may come true, as he recently teased a major announcement alongside UFC president Dana White.

Logan was spotted at The Alamodome on Saturday night. Despite not having competed in a wrestling match in quite some time, Logan’s return to the arena at the 29th spot in this year’s Royal Rumble paid off handsomely as he eliminated Seth Rollins.

Since joining WWE, Logan before the Royal Rumble has wrestled only once, in Saudi Arabia against The Tribal Chief in November.

Although he lost, the online celebrity had already built a solid name as a wrestler. He has since challenged numerous other well-known wrestlers to battles, including wrestling legend John Cena.

A day after his Royal Rumble participation, Logan posted a tweet in which he teased something special. Many assumed that this was his contract with UFC since Dana White appeared at the video’s ending. Logan tagged the UFC president in the video he released headlined “Major announcement tomorrow.”

The video doesn’t show much, but Paul can be heard saying, “I want Paddy Pimblett,” to Dana. Fans and followers of Logan on social media have started making wild speculations about what the internet phenomenon will post next.

Many people, however, believe that it is only a promotion for the energy drink Prime, as Paul was seen sitting at the table with a bottle of Prime, and they speculate that Paul is going to make a deal with Dana.

Prime is the result of a collaboration between Logan Paul and KSI, and it has sparked a lot of interest among younger people. The energy drink is created exclusively for the people of the United Kingdom.

What do you think Dana and Logan talked about? Did Logan get a deal with the UFC, or did the two talk about collaborating together?


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