“Get your candyass back in the ring” The Rock’s absence at Royal Rumble leave WWE fans outraged

WWE fans were outraged when The Rock did not show up at the Royal Rumble event last night. The majority of supporters had been waiting for Rock’s reappearance at the huge event for a long time. On that subject, a number of followers later mocked the film star on social media.

Most of the fans were waiting for months to see Dwayne Johnson’s return at the Royal Rumble. They were so certain that they began to speculate on when The Rock would appear. However, they eventually became disappointed and started to mock the film star on social media.

Although this isn’t the first time this letdown has occurred within the fanbase. One year ago, there were similar expectations that Dwayne Johnson might lace up his wrestling boots before the championship match, but that didn’t happen either.

The absence of The Rock has infuriated fans on Twitter. Because there are many casual fans—those who didn’t even care for wrestling matches and were just at the event to see the Black Adam star.

Furthermore, when they witnessed that the only surprise entry was just Booker T and no one else, their dissatisfaction with the event started to grow. The disappointments can be seen on Twitter; here are some examples.

One of the fans twitted, “I Stand up in the middle of the night to watch the #RoyalRumble and I wait and wait and wait for @TheRock and then the show ends and I sit there like this…” then another one twitted, “I blame @TheRock for not participating in the men’s royal rumble match. And I blame him for not winning the royal rumble. Fans need you rock. For once in you life. Get your #candyass back in the ring and be #PeoplesChampion if you smell what the @TheRock is cooking!!!!!”

Despite his lack of participation in the Royal Rumble, fans hoped that the Jumanji star would face Reigns before the event ended. The show concluded with the tribal chief and The Bloodline’s members beating up Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, with The Rock nowhere to be found.



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