Jey Uso leaves message for Roman Reigns, Bloodline after betrayal at WWE Royal Rumble

Jay Uso didn’t follow the tribal chief, Roman Reigns’, command; instead, he left the ring when The Bloodline was beating down Sami Zayn. The incident sparked numerous questions among fans about where the storyline might be heading.

However, recently, Jay just clarified the situation on social media, which surprised the fandom.

The conflict between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens took place last night at the Royal Rumble. It was expected to be the end of The Bloodline and Sami Zayn’s arc. The story, however, took a dramatic turn following the bout between the undisputed WWE universal champion and the former ROH world champion.

After Roman won the match, The Bloodline stormed the stage and began pounding on the 38-year-old. Moreover, as things got out of hand, Sami intervened and stopped them.

Following that, The Bloodline continued to pound on the former NXT champion. Jay Uso, on the other hand, did not join them and instead departed from the ring in silence.

Many WWE fans were taken aback by the event. In that sense, the current WWE tag team champion later uploaded an image on Instagram with the caption “I’m out,” along with a blood emoji that mimics the Bloodline. The late development in the narrative has startled the entire WWE fandom.

Folks are admiring Fatu for his late moral decision at the ring the night before. However, the brotherly tie between the Bloodline members has now been fractured, which will be an exciting story to follow in the coming weeks before the great wrestling platform, WrestleMania 39.

Having said that, the mutual bond between Jay and Sami is also an important factor to watch because they both went through a lot as teammates over the months and eventually became friends. 

The 37-year-old has been a part of The Bloodline since its inception. In reality, The Head of the Table recruited him as the unit’s first member.

Despite leaving the team, his twin brother and tag comrade Jimmy, stays with the tribal chief. It will be interesting to see how the twin brothers’ relationship changes in the future.



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