John Fury spits out Logan Paul, KSI’s “Disgusting” drink ahead of Jake Paul vs Tommy fury fight in Saudi Arabia

The Prime Hydration Drink, which Logan Paul and KSI pushed, was an astoundingly successful product for the beverage business in the previous year. John Fury tried the drink for the first time before the battle between Logan’s brother Jake Paul and his son Tommy Fury, and he immediately spat it out.

Prime is an energy drink that is being produced specifically for the people of the United Kingdom. Since Prime is also the product of a business venture between Logan Paul and KSI, it has also generated a significant amount of excitement among younger groups.

This energy drink’s promotion, marketing, supply, and every other aspect of its business have been absolutely insane, and two top YouTubers who have 40 million followers together have had an incredible amount of success pushing the product.

Recently, John Fury, father of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson and unbeaten young boxer Tommy, tweeted about his experience with the crowd-pleasing drink saying, “This is what the craze is all about. Prime. So I’m going to taste it to me John Fury and compare it to my son’s Furocity. Here we go let’s see.” 

John’s facial expression and the fact that he spits out the drink after taking a sip from the bottle both indicated that he did not enjoy the beverage in the least.

The former boxer, now 58 years old, then compared Prime with Furocity by Tyson Fury, which was developed by his older son, and concluded that he preferred the latter.

 “Smells shocking too. I wouldn’t even put that in my mouth. I’m sorry but that is grotesque. You couldn’t pay me a fiver. Can we move on from that? That was rubbish, what was that cats p***? It was a cross between dog p***, cat p*** and camel s***. I don’t know why they are raving about that for, Furocity is the one you want at least it tastes right.” John Fury said on that video.

A fight between John’s younger son Tommy Fury and Logan’s sibling Jake Paul will finally take place on February 26th in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


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