“I’m a YouTuber with no wins, bro. What are you f***ing running from?” Logan Paul takes on Andrew Tate’s claims by calling out him to a UFC fight

Logan Paul and Andrew Tate have been at each other’s throats for over a year now. In a podcast that was released not too long ago, Logan issued a new challenge to Tate, saying that he wants to fight him.

The Paul Brothers are not the only individuals that find Tate unpleasant because of the ridiculous beliefs that he holds, a lot of other people previously expressed the same way. The Paul Brothers’ spat with Tate has been going on for quite some time, and it shows little sign of abating any time soon.

Logan Paul has recently escalated their ongoing feud. Logan was highly critical of the divisive online personality during an episode of Logan’s IMPAULSIVE podcast. His friends and co-hosts George Janko and Mike Majlak discussed their thoughts about Tate. The two spoke at length about how they felt about Tate.

“So, I got a solution, why don’t we do something that both of us have never done?… Let us step into the f***ing octagon, brother. An MMA fight, me [Logan Paul] vs. [Andrew] Tate, in the UFC… He’s a world-champion kickboxer, I’m a YouTuber with no wins, bro. What are you f***ing running from?” said Logan.

Andrew Tate, a former kickboxer turned internet celebrity, is currently being held in a Romanian prison on a number of charges. Tate’s divisive comments towards women and minorities on several social media sites have made him a lightning rod for public outrage.

After a short spell as a professional boxer, Logan signed a contract with WWE in October and made his debut in November, facing off against The Tribal Chief in Saudi Arabia. The online celebrity lost, but not before building a reputation as a wrestler. Since then, he has challenged a wide variety of high-profile opponents to fights, including Kickboxer Tate

Tate is currently behind bars and unable to respond, but the conflict between the Paul brothers and the kickboxer is not going away anytime soon.


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