Tyson Fury calls out Francis Ngannou to special rules bout with ‘badass referee like Mike Tyson’

Tyson Fury has responded to Francis Ngannou’s invitation to fight and has accepted the fight on the condition that there will be some special rules and that Mike Tyson will serve as the referee for the fight.

Francis Ngannou and the Ultimate Fighting Championship were unable to come to an agreement, and the heavyweight fighter did not renew his contract with the promotion. Although the 36-year-old has not yet disclosed his plans for the future, he has expressed a desire to fight in a boxing bout against Tyson Fury.

Ngannou, who is widely regarded as the most terrifying fighter in UFC history, has no hesitation about trying boxing and taking on Tyson Fury. The Cameroonian-French fighter recently expressed interest in expanding his fighting career into boxing in an interview with the MMA Hour.

“Yes, I still want to achieve something in boxing and I want to stay in MMA as well. I discovered MMA first in my life and I feel like I have some mileage to give in my sport. In a perfect world, I go out there get some boxing match then get some MMA, depending on the challenges that are out there.” said Francis. 

UFC heavyweights Stipe Miocic, Cain Velasquez, Ciryl Gane, Curtis Blaydes, Junior dos Santos, and Alistair Overeem are among those the Predator has defeated. He’s set his sights on fighting either Tyson Fury or Anthony Joshua in his first professional boxing bout.

“I think Fury has retired and come back. I don’t know where Fury is right now, but now it is time. Before, we could not do anything concrete beyond social media stuff. Whatever it is, if it is with Tyson Fury, I will take it. I have no problem doing boxing with 4oz gloves, we will figure it out. Tyson Fury or Anthony Joshua would be my first ideal opponent.” Francis added.

The two-time heavyweight boxing world champion Fury has also shown promising signs that the fight proposed by Francis will actually happen. Fury has said the fight is possible and that in order to keep things fair, he requires smaller gloves and the presence of Mike Tyson as the referee.

“Francis Ngannou, I know you’re out of contract with the UFC. If you want to earn some big boy money, come see the Gypsy King and let’s do a big, big fight for the baddest MF on the planet. Let’s kick it up spicy. In a cage, 4oz gloves, under Queensbury, and let’s have a badass referee like ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson.” said Fury.

Who would you pick to win if The Gypsy King face off against The Predator?


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