“I’m gonna bust you up real bad” Tyson Fury issues stern warning to Oleksandr Usyk ahead of 2023 bout

With a call-out video posted on Twitter, Tyson Fury has beefed up the tension with Oleksandr Usyk ahead of their highly anticipated boxing bout this year.

After Tyson’s lopsided victory over Derek Chisora, fans have been eagerly awaiting Fury’s next fight, which has been widely speculated to be against Usyk. The undisputed debate will be settled when they meet in the boxing ring. Although an official announcement has not yet been made, Fury’s co-promoter Frank Warren has already sent a draft to Oleksandr Usyk’s team.

Fury’s 33-0-1 record includes 24 knockout victories, and Usyk’s 20-0 record includes 13 knockouts. Usyk defeated Anthony Joshua and Fury triumphed over Derek Chisora in their most recent bouts. The fight between the heavyweight champions of the WBC, WBA, IBF, and WBO has been dubbed the Boxing World Cup.


The Gypsy King and The Cat both have been exchanging heated words with one another ever since the talk regarding their potential bout first began. These exchanges were the spark that ignited the feud between the two heavyweights.

“Usyk, calling out the ‘Gypsy King’ with your pathetic little call-outs, dosser. Rabbit! I’m coming for you, rabbit. You’re getting it, rabbit, and I’ll tell you what else, I’m gonna bust you up real bad, you little middleweight. I’m gonna slap you into a big pile of tattoos, sucker. Come on!” Tyson tweeted.

Earlier, in September of the previous year, Fury made a remark directed at the Ukrainian in which he said, ‘I’m a seven-foot, 20-stone behemoth and I will destroy you, middleweight. Find your balls and come see me, b***h.’. Usyk replied to Fury saying, ‘The Middleweight is here! Where are you Belly? @Tyson_Fury’.

Later, Fury responded to Usyk’s tweet by threatening to knock out the Ukrainian in the ring.

‘You ugly little man. Let’s get it on b****. You may laugh now but I’ll end this lil sucker. I’ll end you. You little sucker. What are you gonna do? You’re gonna do f*** all you little sausage.’ said Fury.

The most recent reports place the highly anticipated fight in either Saudi Arabia or the United Kingdom in the month of March.


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