Ex-Lakers star Trevor Ariza seeks lower child support payments due to financial struggles, unable to maintain luxury lifestyle

The former Los Angeles Lakers small forward Trevor Ariza has experienced some rough patches in his life since retiring, but he never thought the situation could get this worse.

After getting divorced from Bree Anderson, he was left with the responsibility to bear the child support as it has been proven he can afford it. Bree made it clear to the court the luxurious life Trevor was having and the amount of wealth that should be enough for child support.

However, as the wind changes, the former Lakers SF has asked the court to lower the child support as it gets tougher for him every day.

What happened to Trevor Ariza?

The 37-year-old is looking down the barrel to find enough money to maintain his luxurious lifestyle. Recently, he asked the court to reduce the mandatory child support payment so that he could live his life.

“I am in the process of reducing my monthly expenses as I am now unemployed and cannot maintain my former lifestyle,” the former Houston Rockets player claimed. However, his expense could make you jealous of his present miserable(!) life.

trevor ariza

According to his monthly expenses, the small forward spends $13k each for child support and house mortgage, $14k in vehicle maintenance, and $19k for his personal assistant, boxing class, body massage, self-care, and expenses for his girlfriend.

On the other side, Ariza earns $4k from the rent of one of his apartments and $418k from a lump sum payment from the NBA that is non-recurring. In the given condition, he struggles to maintain the balance sheet of his fancy lifestyle.

Previously, Anderson filed for divorce due to his abusive behavior and later obtained a restraining order. However, the 6.8-footer denies the claims and blames his wife for playing the victim role. The court is scheduled to hold its session later this month to provide the ruling.

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