Sports radio host throws bizarre accusation at Packers of using his co-host in Aaron Rodgers trade negotiations with Jets

Craig Carton’s co-host stunned listeners, as he threw a major shade at the Green Bay Packers, for making Carton a pawn in the Packers’ trade game involving legendary quarterback Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets.

The Packers insider disclosed Tuesday on “The Carton Show” that the San Francisco 49ers are eyeing to acquire the four-time MVP if a potential contract with the Jets falls through.

Carton cited two possible reasons in favor of his claim- A-Rod might consider playing for the 49ers as the franchise currently doesn’t have a QB, and he belongs to the area and frequently expressed eagerness to return to his hometown, hence, a potential trade can make his dreams come true.

Did Craig Carton make a false rumor of Aaron Rodgers and the 49ers’ potential trade? 

Craig Carton’s WFAN co-host Evan Roberts opened up on Tuesday afternoon stating the Packers needed someone to buzz a new trade rumor with other teams to scare the Jets and force them to finalize the standstill trade talk.

“The Green Bay Packers needed to find a lemon. They needed to find somebody that could put the message out there to scare [Jets general manager] Joe Douglas, to try to get it over the finish line. You happen to be that lemon,” he said.

Roberts didn’t blame his co-host for the claim, rather he put all the blames on the Packers for using Carton in the trade talk.

“… But right now, this is all an attempt — and I give the Packers credit, it’s creative — all an attempt to scare the Jets. … Craig, you’re doing nothing wrong, you’re just being used” he further added.

Aaron Rodgers

However, Carton denied the claim of being used by the Packers stating he is not a clickbait guy to cook up stories and announce them on the radio for attention.

“Do you guys actually think I went on the radio yesterday and today or on TV this morning and decided, ‘I want attention and clicks so I’m gonna make something up.’ Do you guys honestly think I would ever do that?”, the FS1 reporter stated.

Three weeks ago, Aaron shared his intention to get included in the Jets roster for the upcoming season after returning from a darkness retreat.

The Packers were also not interested in extending their contract with the four-time MVP to pave the way for young talent Jordan Love, and the Jets were showing interest in Aaron more than anything as they even took a wish list of persons the 39-year-old wants in the squad.

Both teams yet could not reach any conclusion regarding the trade, leading to an uncertain future for the league’s elite player.

Aaron Rodgers

Many more rumors may hit the headlines regarding Rodgers’ trade talks till a deal is finalized, for now, the sports world is left scratching its heads over this strange and puzzling claim by the sports radio host. As the story continues to unfold, fans and analysts alike eagerly await further developments and clarification on the accusations made by the sports radio host.

Football enthusiasts eagerly await further developments to see if the 49ers’ pursuit of Aaron Rodgers will come to fruition or if the Jets can finalize a successful trade with the Packers.


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